A picrew of a girl with pink hair, bangs and round glasses doing the peace sign

i'm luna, a cat girl looking for a better world, and girls :3

about me.

proudly trans and queer. people mostly use she/her pronouns on me, but you can spice it up with it/its or any ungendered pronoun. i'm an inclusive gender destroyer

very adhd and autistic, among other things. light hater, people not-understander, train lover. i have too many interests to list. my current favorite album is wallsocket by underscores

follower of anarchism (who could've guessed?). support dismantling all hierarchies, for a free and co-operative world. solarpunk guides me. i like the library economy, degrowth, and decentralization. i use open source software. like nature, hate cars. i am white, but against whiteness

speak to me in english or polish (ona/jej, maybe ono/jeno). i'm also learning german and can roughly understand it. i like consistency, constructed orthography, and am the biggest hater of grammatical gender